What’s New in Lightroom 6?

Lightroom is an indispensable tool for anyone that manages large numbers of photos. I use Lightroom almost exclusively as my go to tool for editing my shots. While I absolutely love Photoshop, I only use it to make the complicated edits that Lightroom wasn’t designed to do. With Lightroom 6, Adobe made several enhancements that not only begin to bridge the gap between Photoshop and Lightroom’s capabilities but also help to streamline our workflows and decrease the time we spend editing and loading our photos. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate several of my favorite new features available in Lightroom 6, and will show you how you can use them to work more efficiently.

HDR Merge

HDR is a term used to describe photos that contain a high dynamic range of tones. The new HDR Merge feature in Lightroom will allow you to merge two raw photos together to create a new image with much more dynamic range that the originals.

In the past, you would need to use Photoshop or another 3rd party application to accomplish this task but in Lightroom 6 you can now create HDR images without having to leave the application.

Additionally, the new HDR Merge feature combines the two images into a DNG file, making Lightroom the first and only raw HDR image creator.

Panorama Merge

Like the HDR Merge feature, the new Panorama Merge feature also combines several images together to create a new raw image. In this case, it allows you to easily combine several photos to create an entirely new panorama, entirely in raw, without having to leave Lightroom.

Facial Recognition

If you take photos of people, this new feature may completely change the way you work in Lightroom. Like Facebook, Lightroom 6 uses facial recognition software to help you tag the photos of the people in your Library. Simply press the (O) key on your keyboard to select the faces icon to enter the People view.

GPU Performance Enhancements

Lightroom 6 includes several performance enhancements to increase the speed in which Lightroom renders your images. So plan to spend less time waiting for Lightroom to render and make edits.

Sign Up

To sign up for a subscription to Lightroom 6, visit Adobe’s website.