Photos of the Week: Downtown New York and Central Park Bridges

One of the reasons that I started this blog was to give me a place to explore my photography. Having a blog, and sharing your work with others, is a great way to help push yourself to get better at what you do. That is why each week, I post all my favorite photos from the week before for you to enjoy.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been experimenting a bit with long exposure photography. I picked up a Big Stopper kit for my camera a while back and have been having a blast seeing what I can create with it.

Central Park is pretty much my go to place to explore my photography. I love taking walks through the park with my camera, and I have found that there is an unlimited number of potential shots that I can take. With that said, last week I wanted to get away from my comfort zone, a bit, and shoot something different.

One of the biggest disadvantages of being a Manhattan-based photographer is that you actually have to leave the island in order to take a photo of it. So this week, I decided to head over to Brooklyn to shoot a few shots of downtown New York.

One of the differences that I am noticing about shooting long exposure photos is that I tend to end up shooting much fewer photos. This makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. If it takes you 5 minutes to shoot one shot, you aren’t able to shoot very many photos before the sun goes down.

I also find that long exposure photos require a bit of preparation. With long exposure photos, it is really important to set up the camera in the right spot, to use the right settings, to make sure the camera is level, to make sure the photo is composed correctly, and to make sure the camera’s sensor and lens are free from any dust or debris.

After shooting my shots of downtown New York, I returned to the park to test out a couple of ideas that I had to improve my photos. I snapped a couple of shots of the Gapstow Bridge, and then returned a couple of days later to shoot a photo of one of my favorite Central Park landmarks, the Bow Bridge.