Even After Their Latest Update, Instagram Still Annoyingly Crops Our Photos

When Instagram recently announced that they were finally allowing us to post portrait and landscape photos to the social network, I was elated, overjoyed, thrilled, just to name a few emotions. I was so excited that I could finally share my photos in their entirety. I thought that the majority of my Instagram frustrations were over, at least until I started posting portrait oriented photos. That’s when I noticed that Instagram was still cropping my shots, just not to a square.

While the app does let us post portrait oriented photos, as you can see in the screenshots below, it is adjusting the size of those portrait photos by cropping the top and bottom edges of the shots out. This seems to be an attempt to make sure that portrait photos don’t completely dominate the screen, and while I understand their reasoning from a user interface point of view, it’s clear that Instagram still isn’t letting us post “full-sized version[s]” of our photos like their announcement post promised.