At the Carnival

Not too long after we got married, my wife and I decided to start a fashion blog together called Sleepless in Sequins. Both of us felt that it was important to have an activity that we could work on together. My wife has been working in the fashion industry for many years, and since I have a social media, blogging, design, and photography background, we felt that a fashion blog would be something that we both could contribute to equally; she styles the outfits, and I shoot the photos and help out with the blogging.

In our most recent photo shoot, my wife worked with Brahmin to style their All Day Convertible Normandy Bag. Hallie felt that the blue color would go great with a bright yellow dress, and with such a brightly colored outfit, we decided that a carnival would be a great place to shoot, given all the colorful signs and lights that you expect to see there.

Living in New York City, however, we didn’t have very many choices. We thought about shooting the outfit at Coney Island but ultimately, decided to shoot the outfit at the small carnival that they have set up in Central Park.

We had never actually been to that carnival before so we really didn’t know what to expect once we got there, but once we arrived, were actually quite impressed. It was small, but colorful, and not very crowded, which made it a great place to shoot. We walked around the carnival, shot photos for about an hour, and even ate a couple of ice cream cones along the way. The staff there was incredibly friendly, and we were really glad we chose that particular location.

Ultimately, we were both really happy with how the photos turned out. Here are a few of my favorite shots. Take a look at the full post on Sleepless in Sequins.