Adobe Creative Cloud Announcement in New York City

Last week, Adobe made some big announcements about the Adobe Creative Cloud at an event in New York City. I wrote about the announcements in a couple of posts here on my blog. The first post was about the announcement of several new mobile apps, the release of their new Slide and Ink devices, as well as a few other announcements. The second post had to do with Adobe’s new Creative Cloud for Photography plan.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I attended the event, and live tweeted it from my seat in Alice Tully Hall. Social media has always been important to me. When I attend live events, I always do my best to live tweet the event with photos, and important announcements, as they happen.

When I live tweet events, I like to use high quality photography to accompany the announcements, and I don’t think that iPhone photos are good enough. So last week, I brought my laptop, my Nikon D800, my 70-200mm lens, my 24-70 lens, and a USB cable to tether my camera to my laptop. Once the photos transferred to my laptop, I would edit them in Lightroom, and tweet them as the announcements were made. While the process can be a bit of a challenge for one person to do on their own, I was determined to do it well!

During the event, I was able to capture some high quality photos of the announcement from the third row of the theater. The most challenging task for me was quickly changing lenses from a seated position. Luckily, the seat next to me was empty. The problem was that every time I picked my camera up, the seat would automatically fold up, and my lens would try to roll through the seat cushion onto the floor. Luckily, that never happened.

Here are a few photos from the event.

Adobe CC Next-015

Pictured Above: Adobe CEO, Shantanu Narayen kicking off the announcement.

Adobe CC Next-021

Pictured Above: Adobe SVP for Digital Media, David Wadhwani hosted the event.

Adobe CC Next-028

Pictured Above: David Wadhwani and Adobe Evangelist, Jason Levine talk about some of the new video-related features of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe CC Next-050

Pictured Above: Paul Trani demonstrating some of the new features in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe CC Next-056

Pictured Above: Paul Gubbay and David Wadhwani talk about some of the new design-related enhancements to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe CC Next-065

Pictured Above: Paul Gubbay and David Wadhwani in silhouette watching a video of some of the other new features in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe CC Next-069

Pictured Above: Paul Trani explaining some of the 3D features available in Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe CC Next-109

Pictured Above: David Wadhwani talking with Terry White about Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

Adobe CC Next-123

Pictured Above: David Wadhwani talking with Eric Snowden about the new Adobe Sketch app.

Adobe CC Next-130

Pictured Above: Geoff Dowd introducing the new Adobe Slide and Adobe Ink devices.

Adobe CC Next-144

Pictured Above: David Wadhwani announcing the pricing details for Adobe Ink and Adobe Slide.

Adobe CC Next-152

Pictured Above: David Wadhwani talking with Bryan O’Neil Hughes about the new Adobe Photoshop Mix mobile application.

Adobe CC Next-178

Pictured Above: David Wadhwani wrapping up the event.


Pictured Above: Everyone in attendance received Adobe Slide and Adobe Ink.


Pictured Above: Artist working on a street mural before the event.


Pictured Above: This is me showing off my new Adobe Lightroom socks while running Lightroom Mobile on my iPad before the event.