One comment on “How I Braved Winter Storm Jonas to Shoot My Favorite Blizzard Photos Yet

  1. Aunt Bette on Feb 2, 2016 3:07 am | Reply


    Specifically, loved your writings & the accompanied photos. Felt I was with you while you tried to get as many photos as possible without having the throngs of people in them. Enjoyed your calculations about trying to keep your cameras safe, trying to figure where you should go to get the best photos. You did well, my dear.

    Was with your older brother, Craig this past weekend as he & I went to see UK play KU for the SEC vs the Big 12 Conferences & it was a great game & fortunately because KU played @ home in their beloved Allen Fieldhouse, they prevailed & finally won in overtime due to 3 key UK players fouling out. Brought Craig to my house for a short time & he had a chance to see your lovely photo of Central Park that you took for me & saw it on the wall with the frame & enlarged canvas & loved it!

    Let’s keep in touch & so glad you have found a passion & love of photography. Love ya, Aunt Bette

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