6 comments on “Even After Their Latest Update, Instagram Still Annoyingly Crops Our Photos

  1. Thank you for posting this, I thought I was going crazy! Do you know the ratio of the max portrait orientation?

  2. Has this been fixed yet??? It’s still not working for me and it’s driving me fucking nuts, but everyone with an iPhone seems to have no issues at all.

    • Have you found a solution to this yet?!?!? I’m losing my mind trying to figure out the correct export settings. I’ve tried the 4:5 ration which just makes the image look terrible, I’ve tried 1080p on the long side…. what’s the deal?

  3. The tallest ratio for portrait is 4:5. It’s not an issue, it’s a feature (albeit an aggravating one). 4:5 is the tallest a photo can be in the feed to still be able to see the top bar with the account and the bottom bar with the like/comment buttons on an iPhone.

  4. Kyle Roberts on Oct 12, 2016 9:38 pm | Reply

    omg I’m not the only one! I have an I phone and still have the issue. Has anyone found a solution?

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